Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012, Day 23: Snowbot!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for, regardless of whether you're a disgruntled, baffled parent or a disappointed child! It's the second last day of the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar and we are finally guaranteed to receive the couple of awesome gifts that we were promised on the box. I mean... we are guaranteed, right? Right???

Let's cross our eager fingers and bust in Door #23... after the jump!

And in the meadow we can build a...


Okay... Now look. I have given the good people at Lego (who we love) a lot of shit about this crazily inconsistent calendar this year, but this is just about as perfect a gift as they could include. Look at the wit and attention to detail they've given to this chubby robo-bugger. They haven't just slapped a top hat on top of an Artoo unit, oh no, he is totally made of snow! All of his details have been carved into the ice, and he has CARROTS for chest panels, and coal for light. Plus he has a festive little snow base as an added bonus. (And I do love the top hat. Top hats make EVERYTHING better. Even pizza).

You see, Lego, this is the perfect blend. You've taken an iconic character from Star Wars that we all know and love, and then you've given it a holiday twist to make it special. Which also means that it's exclusive to this set and gives us a reason to justify buying it. Could you do a bit more of this next year, pretty please, do you think? Because this is the best gift you've given us. More like this, please.

So obviously in the ongoing competition between this calendar and the Playmobil Game of Thrones calendar, Lego has earned their point. With one day to go it's extremely close. Playmobil need something amazing tomorrow or it's going to be a tie. And if it's a tie, then it'll go to a ruling by the judges. OMG THIS IS SO TENSE!

Playmobil Game of Thrones Advent Calendar: 12.
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar: 11.


  1. Frosty the snow-mech was a very happy soul eith a carrot chestplate and a many tools and two buttons made out of coal
    There must have been some magic inside that old silk hat. Boop-beep-boop-boop-boop look at frosty go
    And he exclaimed as he wheeled of "i'll be back again some day

  2. like you said the dapper-d2 almost makes up for all the crap ships!

  3. You're killin' me Lego. They must have heard me talkin' all this smack, I got jip'd. Another Hoth Trooper! Time to give the QA dept a call...

    1. Whoa, seriously? I honestly didn't know Lego made those kind of mistakes. Their Christmas helper monkeys must have gotten into the cooking sherry. If you call them let us know what happened. Sounds like they owe you big time!

    2. Don't worry Lego always gets back to you quickly and more than makes up for what went wrong. My aalie mini fig from series 8 had a messed up cape, got back yo me the next day offering me a keychain of my choice and a new cape