Monday, December 24, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 24: A Clash of Kings.

This is it, you guys, tomorrow is Christmas and today is the epic conclusion of the savage and sexy tale that is the Game of Thrones inspired Playmobil Advent Calendar! Our journey has been long, arduous, and improvised, but Mad Gary Targaryen has summoned an angry dragon, defeated the pretender, Sir Dudley of Moore, and stormed the castle with his new sidekick, Peck Pussywillow, the midget skeleton. Yesterday they found a giant blue chest. What is their (and your) reward?

Let's kick open Door #24... after the jump!

You might think that this whole "Game of Thrones" claim was bullshit on my part, but just look at what these guys were fighting for all along...

YES! That's right! This WAS all about becoming king and, thanks to this incredibly ornate and expensive golden crown and sceptre, Gary Targaryen claims the Iron Throne and becomes the new Mad King!

And if you've seen series 2 of Game of Thrones then you know where that sceptre is headed. Get two wenches to his chambers, stat!

But wait! What treachery is this? 

In a shocking final twist/surprise disgruntled dead peasant, Peck Pussywillow, has picked up Sir Dudley's discarded Midget Maker (the legendary sword whose cruel cuts turned Peck into a midget in the first place) and he has rammed it deep into Mad Gary's black heart! Mad King Gary has been slain mere minutes after his coronation, and this can only mean...

OH MY GOD! Peck Pussywillow has claimed the Iron Throne! WHAT A TWIST! And he will be a good, kind, generous and perpetually skinny King to lords and peasants alike! At least until the white walkers destroy everything.


And thank you so much for joining me on this ADVENTure! Be sure to check out the finale of the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar too and be sure to bookmark our site and/or follow us on Facebook and twitter!

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