Monday, December 24, 2012

Arbor Christmas Volume 13 - A Collection of Original Christmas Songs

Each year, bands from South Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond, join forces to make the Arbor Christmas Collection, a compilation of (mostly) original Christmas music. And now in its 13th year, the compilation is better than ever. You may recognize bands like Into It. Over It, or Young Statues on the list, right next to bands that are formed specifically for this compilation each year (Norick Eve, etc.)

Highlights include The Infiniteens Royal Tenenbaums-ish Ring A Bell, Ages dark piano driven' All Saints, Joy Riding's debut song (which reminds me of Superchunk goodness) Joy (To The World) Riding and so much more. There are 19 tracks total, making this the largest Arbor Christmas Collection to date.

I even have a place on the compilation each year, with this year's contribution being The Castle Arms (featuring Bueller Da Don) Wrap Battle, a Judgment Night influenced rock / hip-hop mash-up / duel about gift wrap ("You can't spell represent without present").

Download link:

And while you are at it, you can download the 12 previous compilations for free at

Exclusive to the South Jersey area is the actual Arbor Christmas Show, a play / live performance by many of the bands on the compilation. This is what started the whole thing many years ago. This years was all about time travel, filled with Star Wars and 911 jokes. I have yet to see a video surface, but Mark Martucci (photographer and singer/songwriter on the compilation) put together a great Flickr album from the event. You can view it here:


  1. Very cool, I had just downloaded this yesterday, didn't realize you were involved. Is there anything you don't do?

  2. I don't relax. Ever.

    But these compilations are really great. I've been on 11 of the 13, and all of my friends contribute each year.