Monday, December 24, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012, Day 24: Darth Claus.

We did it you guys! Santa Claus is already coming down the aptly named Santa Claus Lane and we are about to enjoy the very last day of our Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. We've had laughs, we've had tears, we've had more tears, we've had scratched heads, we've had confused parents frantically googling, and then even more tears. But we got there in the end. HIGH FIVE, you guys. Everything always works out in the end.

You already know what we're getting but let's hold hands and open Door #24 - together - after the jump!

And it's another indistinct lump of crap!

HA! Not really it's that Santa Darth Maul that you've always wanted...


Because, quite honestly, folks, nothing says Christmas more than a murderous, yellowed-eyed devil clown! I like the message this sends. Be good. Be nice. Or be horrifically impaled in your bed. Most young children are already genetically disposed to being terrified of Santa so why not up the ante by making all Mall Santas become Maul Santas through the aid of terrifying face paint. LET'S GET THIS THING STARTED!

I like the extra added bonus of the shovel and the snowball. The only thing that would make this minifig better would be if the shovel was double-sided but it would be nuts for Lego to spend the cash tooling something that would never be needed again.

So well done, Lego, more like this next time and I think people will be far, far, happier. Speaking of which, I better dole out the last point in our little competition...

This calendar and the Game of Thrones Playmobil Calendar have been battling it our for 24 days now. And I really have no other choice than to give Lego the point today which means...

Playmobil Game of Thrones Advent Calendar: 12.
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar: 12.

We are ALL TIED UP. So that means a judge's ruling, and what better judges that you guys who have been following all along. Cast your overall votes in this post's comments section and we'll figure out the winner! Or don't! Either way, I'm going to get drunk.

And last of all, thank you so much for all your comments and for all the silent people too who have followed along on this ADVENTure. Be sure to bookmarks us and/or like us on facebook or follow us on twitter as we always do our best to present things in an entertaining manner and we'll have plenty of new content in the New Year. Have an awesome holidays!


  1. I had the Star Wars calendar and I don't know anything about playmobile and I hate Game of thrones, but I have to say I would have rather wanted to have the playmobile calendar... Yes I'm an adult but I just don't understand the crap Star Wars calendar had in it.

    So my vote goes for playmobile. :D

  2. Plus before opening any of them I was hoping I could make some nice pictures with the Star Wars things on facebook everyday I got something new, but the tiny blobs they gave just weren't worth to show to anybody...

  3. Well, I'm far more into Lego than Playmobil but I'd have to side with Gary and his crew here. If you didn't have any of these toys until this advent month, at least now Playmobil have given you a set of sorts. All the items are of the same ilk, size, interchangeable and you can have a merry ole, blood curdling Christmas play. Where as Lego have provided some exceptionally random things, that some of us had couldn't even identify. The mouse droid is the same size as a Star Destroyer for Santa's sake and this means you can't play with them all at the same time.

    For thinking outside as well as inside the box, I cast my vote for Gary and Co.

  4. Personally, I'd have to say the Lego one...firstly because the Lego Star Wars calendar IS actually a Lego Star Wars character. Don't get me wrong, I like what you did with the Playmobil one, but it wasn't actually GoT.

    That's a small point however. Mainly I'd say Lego because it gave us a whole host of Hoth pieces, perfect for Christmas, and also for the last two entries - it's like having a wall calendar where the December picture is Christmas based. I don't care what the calendar's of, this should be a rule. I'm always disappointed when I get to December and it's just ANOTHER regular picture. So, although they weren't all Christmassy, at least two of them were. Unlike Playmobil's.

  5. Star Wars all the way. I loved that there was so much Empire/ Hoth stuff in this. Can't wait to see what they spring upon us next year!

  6. I think this voting will end in a biased result.

    This has been my favourite pass time during Christmas and I would like to express gratitude for sharing with us the greatness of your Star Wars knowledge.

    Happy Holidays!

  7. Playmobile wins hands down if you ask me. At least with it you've actually got something usable at the end of it - what do you do with all those tiny little vehicles from the Star Wars one???!? Lets be honest the Star Wars one is just about the mini figs and if you ask me there weren't enough of them.

    Bought my boyfriend the Star Wars one this year for the first time ever and discovered your website on the dark day of the brown blob. Not only have you enlightened me when the thing that came out of it was just totally random but you've also made me laugh along the way so thanks very much for that.

    SO getting a Playmobile one for myself next year - beats my chocolate one!! Although I did love the gonk droid too!

  8. I thought the Plyamobil calendar was far more fun and much better overall...for mostly reasons already made a cohesive set where everything worked together!

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  10. Luke thanks for an awesome advent countdown buddy, i wish I could call you friend. Oh yeah, almost forgot, my vote is star wars. Have a merry christmas Luke

  11. For everyone wanting to vote playmobil i have one crucial piece of evidence, the calendar had nothing chrismassy along the way the closest was the chest looked like a present. I'm not saying they have to but a countdown to christmas could at least have one thing themed Christmas. We could've at least gotten a murderous and bloody santa. So stuff that up your stocking

  12. I'm still voting Lego. The themed figures are great, and there should now be enough pieces from the Crappy small ships to build something cool, without the pressure of having to break up some great micro models to do it ;-)
    R2-Snow2 is going to grace our Christmas collection for years to come.

  13. Luke, first & foremost well done Sir. This is an awesome site. While I stumbled upon it looking for info, the fun and humor you provided made me log in whether I knew what was behind the door or not. Being up in the pacific northwest, I was always the last to log in and find out. I still think Lego should give you an obnoxious overpaid commercial deal, a mini-fig replica, or at least a t-shirt. You saved their ass over & over.
    Playmobil was interesting because of the Game of Thrones overtone, but it was mostly the mad-genius writing that made it worthy. For the life of me I can't understand why it didn't get more comments. However my vote is still strong with Star Wars. The tease of more and more Hoth was enough to keep us drooling like puppies, and the mini-figs are lined up and ready for action in the ensuing epic battle my 6-year old is always planning but never seems to actually kick-start. We bagged on the ships a lot but, and while they may not seem playable to kids, as an adult I think it's cool how they transformed a big idea to a small build using so few parts. I can go on and on, bottom line is you obviously entertained and informed many people. Needless to say it's bookmarked and I've perused the rest of the site, shared it with my friends, and will read all year. Great work Luke.

  14. I got the Lego one and it's got to be vice that some of the gifts were pretty crap - thank you for your identification of the infamous brown blob, and the less said about the neimoidian shuttle the better. The playmobil set was very cool and seems to have been really well thought out plus of course your commentary just added to the hilarity.

    overall the playmobil set deserves to win but it's hard to vote against something that includes an AT-AT and a star destroyer as well as all the Hoth minifigs (Lego, take the hint and drop the episode one crap). the rebel fleet trooper was a bit random but also cool.

    argh I can't decide, Lego... playmobil. Lego. no I mean playmobil. final answer.


  15. Playmobil. I like that the toys build on all of the previous days toys rather than Lego's more random approach, it adds to the anticipation. Plus if I had to choose just one to receive (or give to my nephew), it'd be that one.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Luke and the gang at Fruitless Pursuits! Thanks for the entertainment this year, I've enjoyed coming back to the site again and again!