Monday, January 21, 2013

Kickstart the Week: Fate Core

My friend Chris (who runs a gaming blog over at Claw/Claw/Peck) turned me onto what might be the most generous Kickstarter I've seen yet, for the Fate Core gaming system. It's fully funded, and it's got tons of goodies for gamers:

Evil Hat is proud to bring you Fate Core: the latest evolution of the Fate role-playing game system. Inside you'll find refined, clearer language about every part of the game -- ranging from streamlined language about aspects and skills, to a unified approach for game actions and outcomes, to our trademark, rock solid GM and player advice.


Upon publication we'll place near to 100% of the Fate Core text into the Open Gaming License as open content, once again continuing our commitment to supporting third party efforts to build the Fate games everyone wants to see.

I'm not really familiar with the system, but I hear good things and, with a $5 entry level for a ton of stuff, it's worth throwing some money at.

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