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Stryder's Favourite Comics - 1/16/2013

Here we are on the coldest, snowiest, Wintriest day of the year here in Toronto, with naught to keep us warm but a whole lot of Comics!  Let's dig right in!

Batman #16 - "This whole place, my dear, a love letter, to you!"

Batman arrives at Arkham Asylum to confront the Joker and end this madness as "Death of the Family" continues this month!  The Joker's been waiting patiently for his nemesis, here on his home turf, where he's had lots of time to prepare!  It's easy when you have a building full of madmen all ready and willing to help to take a piece out of the Dark Knight.  Batman must progress through the out of control madhouse, relentlessly stalking...all while trying not to think about what could happen to the Family...and especially what the Joker may have done with Alfred!!

Of course, going to Arkham, one can expect more villains than just the clown...Batman has to get past Mr. Freeze, Clayface and Scarecrow, and that's just for starters!  Oh, and of course there's more hostages...there's ALWAYS more hostages...poor Batman.  There's no way everyone's getting out of this one okay...

More "Death of the Family" along with Superboy, Suicide Squad and the Ravagers after the JUMP!

Superboy #16 - "I may not care what happens to some dead planet...but I know I can't afford to lose this one!"

Isn't it odd that one of the coolest Justice League stories I've read in recent times is right here in an issue of Superboy"H'El on Earth" continues here as Superboy and the League try to break into the Fortress of Solitude and stop H'El (and duped accomplice Supergirl) from destroying the Solar System!!  You may recall that H'El took over the Fortress in Superboy #15 and just casually tossed the Man of Steel and his young clone out on their collective Kryptonian butts!

Well, the good news is that the League succeeds in getting into the Fortress...the bad news is that getting in turns out to be the easy part!  The even worse news is that both Superman and Superboy get zapped by a weird trap that teleports them...away?  Somewhere...

Well, that leaves the League to try and stop H'El all on their own.  Meanwhile, what happens to the boys from the House of El?  We'll have to wait until next week's Superboy Annual #1 to find out!

Batman and Robin #16 - "Who'd have thought that Bats would be even scarier when he laughs?"

Another instalment of "Death of the Family" brings us back to the Gotham Zoo, where Joker's lured Robin into a trap...he's stuck in a cage full of dead birds and bugs and bones and forced to confront...his father?!?  A Joker-Drugged and mind controlled Batman attacks Damian and it's kill or be killed for the Boy Wonder!  Although the drugs seem to have made Batman a less effective fighter, Damian's hardly at his best either...he was poisoned and mauled by rabid hyenas just last issue...

Will Damian kill his mindless zombie father?  Or will he let himself BE killed by Batman, if only to foil the Joker's plans??  It's a grim choice, either way...

Suicide Squad #16 - "Harley Quinn drives me freakin' crazy.  Yet I'm drawn to her.  This'll lead to nothing good."

Floyd "Deadshot" Lawton
is ALIVE!  Which is weird, because he could SWEAR that, to kill Regulus and save Harley Quinn, he was forced to shoot himself through the heart!  Amanda Waller claims he missed his heart by an inch.  Deadshot replies (and we all know he's right) "Impossible." 

Harley is alive too, and recovering from her ordeal with the Joker last issue.  Recovering REMARKABLY fast.  It's almost as if both she and Deadshot have been exposed to something that's allowing them to heal, or even RESURRECT...hmmm...could this have to do with Resurrection Man's severed hand from several issues back?   Naaaawwww...

Well, dead or alive, there's a mission for the Squad..after a quick flashback relating what Deadshot missed while...uh..."incapacitated", it's off they go...to retrieve a mysterious package and face the wrath of Yo-Yo's sister, Red Orchid!!

Batgirl #16 - "He has all the cards.  But he has no idea.  No clue.  Of the absolute hatred I have in my heart right now."

"Death of the Family" carries on here and The Joker's got Batgirl's MOM hostage!  All Batgirl has to do for him to let her go is MARRY him.  Of course the Joker's idea of marriage involves guns, grenades and let's not forget the rusty chainsaw...

It seems like Joker's got the upper hand in every way here, but there is ONE wild card...James Gordon Jr. decides to make an appearance at the church...is he here to help his sister?  Or to give her away?  With the "Blackest of the black sheep" it's hard to say...

The Ravagers #8 - "Fine.  But don't EVER call me a Good Guy again.  It's insulting."

Warblade and Rose Wilson arrive in the backwater town of Hartsville, Colorado, in pursuit of an escapee from Harvest's labs...an escapee who, upon arrival in town, promptly implodes!  Not only that, but his implosion releases a dose of radiation that infects the whole town with this same troubling tendency!  Now the villains have to play reluctant heroes...they have to find some way to save the population of Hartsville, or at least keep them quarantined so that this radioactive catastrophe doesn't spread beyond their borders into the world-at-large! 

Warblade wants to know why bother?  Rose isn't exactly doing it out of the goodness of her heart...she doesn't want Harvest to find out that they let some minor experiment of his escape and end up decimating the planet!  Self-preservation trumps humanitarianism with this pair!  Or at least, so Rose would have us believe!

And that's it for new comics this week!  Well, almost...I did give Marvel another shot this week, despite my disappointment with Spider-Man....I picked up Frank Cho's  Savage Wolverine #1!  .

It's Wolverine versus the Savage Land...not a bad little comic!  I'll even pick up issue #2...I'm a sucker for the little hairy Canucklehead...

Huge New Comic Book Day tomorrow with new Justice League, Green Lantern, Supergirl, Nightwing, Wonder Woman, Before Watchmen and more!!!  Sweet!!

If that's not enough, check out Stryder's Dementia this week, where I bemoan the existence of flem (more or less). 

Have a great week everyone!  Try not to freeze in your collective capes and cowls!  Peace!

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