Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kickstart the Weekend with Formula E by Clever Mojo Games / Game Salute

Formula E, formerly known as Haathi is an elephant racing game (yes, an elephant racing game!), quickly speeding to its final days on Kickstarter. The artwork is beautiful and it comes with amazing components (elephant meeples and holy cows), but most importantly... word around the street is that it's a lot of fun.

The team behind Formula E has a wonderful track record. Clever Mojo Games released the high quality mega-hit Alien Frontiers and designer Bruno Faidutti is best known for Citadels (as well as one of my favorites Incan Gold). But even with their history the Kickstarter is still about $10,000 shy of its funding goal, with only 60 hours to go.
"...something I would play again..and again..and again. This game has all of the things that I think make board gaming great. The theme and mechanics work very well together. (Ok maybe an elephant on a flying carpet is a stretch but it works.) It is simple to learn and simple to teach without being a simple game. But most of all..its fun..and I'm talking the kind of loud, boisterous, laughing, yelling, saying words you wouldn't say in church fun." - The Cardboard Jumgle
If the name of this game sounds familiar, it's because it's a nod to the classic racing game Formula D (or Formula De for the international folk). The publishers totally approved the nod, which speaks volumes for the quality of this game.

For $45 you can get a copy of the game, and if you want to just kick in $20 you will get 50 of those sweet, sweet meeples. Such a weakness for gamers!

Formula E on Kickstarter:

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