Thursday, January 24, 2013

Support the Most Virile Animation Ever: The Manly Show!

Remember our good friend and former contributor, Tim Merks? The reason he has been posting for us is that he's been working his arse off with fellow artists Christien Clegg and Adrian Tolman on some of the most testosteron fuelled artwork and animation ever The Manly Show. You can check out the very entertaining tumblr here but now they have even bigger, sweatier, musclier fish to fry.

Tim and friends need your help to support their campaign to produce three manly animated shorts. This is an extremely talented team who create some of the most kinetic and inventive animation you will see, so if you're at all in doubt please take a look at this brilliant teaser for their campaign.

Their fundraising is in its final week and there's still a bit of a way to go, so if you can through them a big manly bone, check out their Pozible campaign here. We miss you, Tim!


  1. I checked out the tumblr account and all that I can say is that its hilarious. I like the manly theme. The exaggeration of the muscles and mustache quite adds to the humor.

  2. The expertise of Mr.Merks was showcased in the presentation. Superb attention to detail. I was delighted on every scene. Also, the ideas are spontaneous showing that the one that directed this has a very good sense of humor.