Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Bad Toy Store Highlights! Let’s Talk Gremlins, GI JOE, Bioshock and More!

Let’s cast our discerning eyes over the newest list of pre-orders from our pals at Big Bad Toy Store and pick out some toy and collectible points of interest that you and I can chat about. Like this bit of fantasy fulfilment that I feel like I’ve been waiting for my entire life:

Did you ever watch the first Gremlins and think, “This is good, but surely the gremlins themselves could afford to be a little sexier?”. Well Gremlins 2 had you covered with a seminal moment featuring female Greta (I thought she was Lady Gremlina?) who was proof of what happens when you show a mogwai a porn magazine after midnight. When I was really young I had a crush on the Miss Piggy puppet and Greta here almost eclipsed it.

This is a 1:1 scale replica stunt puppet, standing nearly 30 inches tall and with her own metal display stand, outfit and wig. BBTS have her for $60 off list price. Snap up this wonderful piece of eighties movie memorabilia which is only marginally easier to explain than a Fleshlight.

What else caught my keen eye?... Join me after the jump!

GI Joe Retaliation/Procrastination might be taking its sweet time to debut on the big screen, but cases of the first wave of figures leaked and were snapped up by collectors, and now you can pre-order cases of series 2...

This caught my eye because I was extremely curious as to what a 3 3/4 Bruce Willis action figure looks like. After seeing the pictures I’m still curious. The pictures are small and most of this characters are masked so I couldn’t tell you if Bruce is there or not but, if you’re keen to get your ninja on, there’s plenty to please. I haven’t collected JOE since I was a kid, but if you’re hardcore then you’re into this, right? I know I’ll buy anything Star Wars. I might buy Bruce Willis, take off his head and stick him on a Star Wars figure. Probably an ewok.


Hey, I’ve spoken at arduous, uncomfortable length about Hasbro distancing themselves from the manchild collector and focusing instead on actual, real kids. And that means simpler sculpts/details and less articulation The 2013 assortment of new 12 inch Star Wars figures seems to back up that claim with this big old Anakin and Clone Trooper that almost look vintage. They’re the polar opposite of high-end 1/6th scale figures like Hot Toys but they’re also a tiny fraction of the price. You can buy your kid an Anakin for under $14 which is a perfect price for burying in garden or sticking up your nose.

What I personally prefer is Gentle Giant’s line of 12” replica vintage figures.  They use the sculpts and paint designs of the original seventies and eighties action figures but blow them up to a giant size. I only own the orginal white gown Princess Leia but I am sorely tempted by this giant rendition of space lizard bounty hunter, Bossk!

He’s just about nobody’s favourite character but I feel he has a ton of potential. He’s just one meme away from being able to reach the popularity of an icon like space lobster Admiral Ackbar. “Who’s the Bossk?” just isn’t cutting it. Kids these days know nothing of Tony Danza.

Prometheus. I love it. You hate it. But can’t we all agree that the design was superb? No? You’re an ornery sort. 

This is the second assortment of NECA’s Prometheus figures and includes David and Deacon with a dissected Engineer head. The mighty Fassbender’s David was one of the best things about that film so it’s cool that you can now own a tiny effigy of his character. I haven’t been thrilled with the images so far, and will probably hold out for a Hot Toys version myself, but it you’re money/space tight then NECA has your best available solution. And these things often have a habit of looking better in person.

Blind packaged mini mystery figures! We love those, right? And these ones feature some of your favourite Disney/Pixar characters including Jack Skellington, Tinkerbell (come on, she’s your favourite) and Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc...

Note that each figure has three different faces so successfully getting a set of these is going to drive you nuts. I’m not about to personally fill my house with Disney memorabilia but if Disney is your thing then I can definitely see the appeal. I’d love to see more licenses getting this kind of treatment. Good size, fun to collect. This is a winner.

And if you have an iPhone 5 and you’re a fan of quippy, occasionally heavy drinking, playboy billionaire industrialists who dress like robots then you’ll probably want this Iron Man phone case... 

It’s not cheap but it’s hefty and lovingly modeled after Tony’s armoured chest. Sold separately: an iPhone case modeled after Tony’s pants. Marvel, you can have that idea for free.

And finally, after all those pre-orders let’s look at my favourite newly in-stock item (kind of).

BBTS now has the first series of Bioshock Infinite figures from the upcoming game - which also happens to be my most anticipated so far for 2013. First up is the iconic female protagonist Elizabeth and the not-quite-so-enticing trumpet-face Boys of Silence figures... 

They’re available as a two pack, or separately, but guess what you are shit out of luck if you just want Elizabeth because unbelievably she has already sold out! Bioshock might have found a gem there - it really is a nice design. So if you’re keen on this then there’s a trumpet-face in your future. Grab this while you can!

And that’s my favourite stuff for this round. Did anything catch your discerning eye?

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