Monday, January 21, 2013

First Look at Pop Vinyl Game of Thrones Series 2!

There really aren't many people left in the world who don't have a Funko Pop Vinyl figure fashioned after them. These beady-eyed, mouthless collectible vinyl figures appear to have infected every single marketable franchise, and perhaps a few non-marketable ones as well! If it's on the big, small, or computer screen then rest assured it will be quickly sculpted into a little swollen headed effigy to stare blankly ahead on your shelf. I need to stop my house from being plagued by these, but many are too tempting, including this second batch of figures based on HBO's wildly successful blood and boobs fantasy epic Game of Thrones. These figures seem to pose the question... "What if all the frigging characters were midgets?" It might look a lot like this:

See! There's little Jon Snow ready to be balanced atop your highest wall! He's probably the most recognisable of this series and as such my favourite of the bunch. But who else appears in this wave? Can you guess the other five? I tried and failed miserably. Now I want to make you miserable as well.

Let's find out... after the jump!

 It was fellow contributor Suzanne who alerted me to these without revealing the character lineup. I started to guess and started off well. After Jon Snow my next guess had to be...
Rich, sister-loving, sword-prick Jaime Lannister! Looking remarkably shiny here too - I guess I'm used to seeing him all roughed up. Jaime is a very fitting choice, but let's be honest - if it wasn't for that trademark armour you would probably have a hell of a time trying to figure out who he is.

My next guess was back in the Stark camp, namely the little lass/lad who is making quite the impact...
It's lil' melon-headed, androgynous Arya Stark, complete with Needle. Considering she wanders around like a filthy nondescript urchin there's not a lot of elements to clue you in to who this is here. Without the tell-tale packaging you may have trouble identifying her cold. But context is everything, and if she's on the shelf with her other family members it should be pretty telling.

And then my last successful guess...
Evil/drunk/insane monster queen Cersei Lannister, played to perfection by the always brilliant Lena Heady. This one is a little bit of a disappointment to me because she looks too blank. I'd like to see a bit more wickedness or malice here. I could be fooled into thinking this one is Daenerys in a party dress.

So what's next? I guessed bastard king Joffrey "The Joff" Joffster, menacingly offering his antler scepter, followed by Pop Vinyl Naked Terrified Prostitute. Nope. Filthy chav Theon then? Nope. Robert Baratheon? Nope but getting closer. It's...
Renly? For realz? I suppose he's an important character but... I don't know. Is he worthy of this treatment over The Joff? I guess Funko don't want to blow their load too early, but I think Renly is only for the serious completist. Not high on my list, that's for sure.

And finally... Who the hell is this?
Robb Stark? Who the hell is Robb Stark?! Oh... THAT guy. Considering Robb is the Stark's choice of king, poor old Robb continually fails to make an impact for me on the show. Here's a pro-tip: if you need to refill your drink or take a piss then do it when Robb's on. Buy this one and brace yourself for the fact that only three other people in the world are going to know who he is. Not the best.

I really thought we might get something a little supernatural thrown in seeing as how they made the visually striking White Walker in the first wave but I guess not. Still, there's still another 300 or so characters to mine and the series is only getting started.

I imagine our friends at Big Bad Toy Store will have these up for pre-order very soon, but until then you can see there other Funko offerings here. Including these badass Masters of the Universe Pop Vinyl figures:

I'm probably more excited about these than I am Game of Thrones! I love Underpants Skeleton!

And Page Boy!

And Bad Kitty!

All my favourites! Looks like I'm going to have to take up carpentry so I can build myself some bigger shelves!


  1. I am going to buy the crap out of those Lannisters, yes sirree.

    Though Jon looks like the best job. Odds are I'll end up with him too.

  2. Want Jon Snow please! Uh. Don't worry, I'll run out and get it myself...thanks! :D