Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gears of War - The Board Game (Unboxing)

So, chances are that if you are aware of Gears of War the board game, this is nothing new. If you are only familiar with the Gears of War video games and not this, then HOLY SNOW THERES A GEARS BOARDS GAME!!!! If you're unfamiliar with Gears but you love video games, then seriously, you need to turn in your console. "but I don't like shooters" Come on, this doesn't mean you can't be aware of one of the most popular game series of the last 10 years. 

If you are still reading, and still don't know about Gears of War, its a video game series that follows Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad who fight off the Locust Horde through a post-apocalypse world in order to save humanity. The board game takes this theme and presents it in table top format as a cooperative game for 1-4 players from Fantasy Flight Games.  

The following is the games unboxing that I took last night and today. So strap on your boom-box armor and join in after the break to see all of the components to this fantastic looking game.

Ok, so please note that the rest of this post is literally a photo dump of photos with limited editing involved. This is not a game review, and no commentary is given on the quality of the components, its gameplay, or review of the rules. From experience, FFG does everything of the highest quality and their games have always been fun and enjoyable.


  1. The local game store had this for $39.99 with a $100 purchase. Money was tight so I had to pass. I was really bummed and still am.

    How thick are the board pieces? They look pretty thin, but maybe it's just the angle Are they as thick as Carcassonne tiles?

  2. Not quite that thick, but thicker than I thought they'd be. Also, that is a fantastic price for this considering it retails for $70