Saturday, September 24, 2011

Robocop Reboot Director Casually Mentions Michael Fassbender and Internet Runs With It.

ZOMG YOU GUYS! Michael "Magneto" Fassbender is playing Robocop in the reboot!? Well... not exactly...

What really happened is director Jose Padhila kind of casually mentioned in an interview that he would like to talk to Michael Fassbender about Robocop (who wouldn't), and that it was really too early to tell us anything, and that a lot of other people would make a great Robocop too. But ZOMG FASSBENDER ROBOCOP YOU GUYS!

Regardless of the vagueness of the story, the Internet is running with the headlines anyway. But so far, appears to have been too lazy to Photoshop Fassbender into the Robocop costume. So allow me to do my civic duty and knock one up for you.

"Freeze creep! I am a robot who cannot love. But can grow a beard."
No need to thank me, Internets! Just part of the service!

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