Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Amazing Anatomical Pop Culture Sculpture of Jason Freeny!

Here's what we know about Jason Freeny: He's an artist. He's awesome. And we should visit his site, worship, and purchase from him. He's also literally pulling apart some of our favourite pop culture icons to see what makes them tick.

The Staypuft Marshmallow Man is full of delicious marshmallows, right? No. He actually has a skeleton and internal organs. Which makes it all the more tragic when he dies in a fire:

Join me after the jump to see a few more of my favourites, and learn a little bit more about the man!

Just yesterday I mentioned the illustrious Heavy Metal magazine. Well did you know that Jason's NSFW pin-ups also graced its hallow pages. You do now! Not let's see what fat, Italian, plumber Mario looks like when expertly cleft in twain:

Cool, huh? (And you can purchase the original too, for $2,000!). Now how about a lil' something for the ladies?
And how about a lil' extra somethin', somethin' for the ladies? The teeth on this are incredible. It's just such a crying shame she doesn't have a mouth...
 And Jason isn't just doing sculpture. He also has some incredible prints on show and for sale...
These are all questions I've always wanted answered! Truly awesome stuff!

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