Thursday, September 22, 2011

R.E.M.'s Best Bits featuring Chris Elliot, Tony Clifton, The Muppets, and Homer Simpson

It's always a bummer when a band calls it quits, but it's not always a bad thing. Some bands can end up going on for years, watering down everything that they built up, finishing out their careers playing the stage at one of the lesser known Disney parks (Christopher Cross), the state fair (Def Leppard), or even the 4th of July fireworks two blocks from my house (Peter Frampton / America).

In R.E.M.'s case, it's good to see them end on a good note, leaving behind a huge catalog of amazing songs. Looking back, they had more hits (or just songs that everyone knows and loves) than I realized.

All of that aside.. here are a few of their best pop culture bits.

It's always a big deal for a band to make it to The Simpsons. Well, I've heard some complaints about Green Day and The Simpsons just this week... but that aside, here's a brief clip from the 2001 episode "Homer The Moe".

Their massive collaboration for the Man On The Moon soundtrack was one of the best things about the film for me. Michael Stipe's duet of "This Friendly World" with Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman and Tony Clifton was wonderful.

For our Muppet / Sesame Street lovers, here is a clip from Sesame Street in 1999 of R.E.M. performing "Furry Happy Monsters". The second verse is my favorite.

And finally, just an awesome song. Driver 8.

"Take a break Driver 8. Driver 8 take a break. We've been on this shift too long"

They'll be missed. 

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