Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Binary Domain

From the guys that brought us the Yakuza series comes the robot apocalypse "Binary Domain"

The story is something of an I robot, terminator sort of world where the machines become self aware and the the gameplay is a squad based shooter (which seems to be the current videogame flavour these days) where how you treat you fellow team members affects how well they will follow orders or chose to help you out. Apart from this well cut trailer what really excites me is the game is being produced by the Yakuza team who excel in story, characters and quirky ideas.

Pretty dang excited for this one. It's supposed to come out on the 23rd of Febuary

Speaking of Yakuza we also have this spinoff to look forward to this year (in March I think)

What I like about the Yakuza games is the old noir feel that made you want to drink whisky and smoke a cigarette as you explore and meet all kinds of interesting people in the Japanese underbelly. I'm not sure if I really wanted zombies in this world but as long as they keep the pulp Yakuza grit in the game I'll be happy

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