Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Night Movie Review: The Sitter

I was able to get someone to watch my 3 children tonight, so I could take my wife out and watch a movie about someone very irresponsibly babysitting 3 children. Luckily my babysitter is my mother and not Jonah Hill.

So how was the movie?

Well, it followed the good old formula of everything is bad (loses the kids), then it gets worse (breaks a drug dealers cocaine filled dinosaur egg), then it's gets even worse (smashes car), and then just as you thought it was bad, it gets even worse(car gets stolen), etc. But I really didn't mind that. Jonah Hill is so like-able in this that it's hard not to feel for him. Yeah, he's a sucker, and yeah he's a total idiot, but how could you not enjoy watching him struggling to wrangle up three bizarre kids.

The movie definitely has some heart, and it definitely has some really funny moments. For example - Sam Rockwell is a drug dealer whose little lair/factory is filled with shirtless mega bodybuilders, who smash sledgehammers into the walls. It is so freaking weird, but so is Sam Rockwell's character Karl, who just really wants a hug. Rockwell is great in this role, as always, and Method Man and J.B Smoove were pretty awesome too. The star of it for me though was Reggie Alvin Green who plays Soul Baby. So damn smooth, and so damn cool.

If you're a big Jonah Hill fan (like my wife) or you just want to see a crazy action packed comedy... go for it. It's fun, and cute, not believable at all, somewhat over the top, and all of the really epic movies don't come out until much later this year.

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