Wednesday, January 11, 2012

J. Tagmire's Top Ten Movies of 2011

2011 was a big movie year for me. I saw FOUR whole movies in the theater! TWO of them were in the same day!

While I didn't get out to see a lot of movies, redbox was my friend in 2011. Vending machine movie selection isn't always Oscar level, if you give it time (or get there at the right time), you'll find some treasures.

Here are my top ten movies of 2011.

#10. Bridesmaids
More internal struggle of Kristen Wiig's character, and less external outbursts of everyone else... and this would have been higher on the list.

#9. Everything Must Go
A super-depressing, slow moving, Will Ferrell movie? Sure, I'll give it a shot. And I'm sure glad I did, because I have a feeling this one won't be around for long. Something different, but in a really good way.

#8. Our Idiot Brother
Charming is the go-to word for this film, and it's true. The casting was perfect, and the characters still live on in my head months after seeing the film.

#7. Paul
I was hesitant to see a non-Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost film, but Edgar Wright's normal edge was replaced by lots of cursing by the characters. Win/win? And Joe Lo Truglio has the power to bump any film up a few notches on my lists.

#6. Hesher
Wow, I totally didn't expect Hesher to be as awesome as it was. I thought it might be a little funny (in that hesher-y kind of way), but oh no... this was a really dark and heavy film. Loved it!

#5. Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
I was sold from the very beginning of this documentary, documenting the making of a documentary, which just happens to be the documentary that you are watching. Not to mention, I've been hooked on Pom Wonderful ever since.

#4. Source Code
Source Code combined a lot of my favorite things into one film. It's kind of a high-speed, cross between Minority Report and 12 Monkeys. I wish there were more movies like this.

#3. The Muppets
This movie had me smiling from beginning to end, and very time I've thought about it since. It felt just like an old Muppet production, but was still presented in a way to bring the Muppets back into the forefront of today's pop culture. A success on many levels. The music was awesome too.

#2. Attack The Block
Attack The Block was the coolest movie I've seen in years. It feels just like The Warriors, but 30 years later. And it also doesn't feel like it's trying to be The Warriors. The coolness is in your face and the references are subtle. Loved this one so much.

#1. Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch barely edged out Attack The Block in the battle for first place, but it was the open-ended, vagueness of Sucker Punch that brought it over the top for me. It left me thinking for hours and hours and hours after the movie ended. After multiple viewings I still havequestions, theories, ideas. It has my mind rolling every time I think about it.


Looking forward to 2012. I'm sure I have a lot of 2011 movies to still catch up on... but don't blame me. Blame redbox! Nah, you can blame me.

Here's a link to last years top 5. (I only saw 6 movies in 2010).


  1. Really good alterative list! I still haven't seen Hesher, Source Code or the Morgan Spurlock and want to!

  2. Thanks Luke! Looking back at Hesher... I forgot how much I loved Natalie Portman in it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was really intense too. This one was really borderline top 5 for me.

  3. My biggest problem with this list is that if you had have seen The Extra Man I am pretty sure you'd have loved it. ;P

    Other than that I saw most of your list, only two made my top 15. (One I couldn't get all the way through - Sucker Punch)

    1. Was The Extra Man a 2011 film? I really want to see it. Just need to track it down and do a one off Friday Night Movie Review.

      Now if I could just figure out your top 15..

    2. It was in that it only had a tiny theatrical release and was only really available to be seen this year on DVD.

      It'll post the answers soon. There's a few I'm surprised no one has got (and a few that I'm surprised people DID get.)

  4. I hope there was visible eye rolling and audible groaning in the Grug household during Sucker Punch, and maybe even some feminist discourse.

    1. I watched what I watched of it alone - about 40 or 50 minutes and was just bored and turned it off.

      I think I got further into it than I did Tree of Life. :P

  5. I wish Source Code had found a wider audience--it was much better than I thought it would be.

    And I'm glad The Muppets made the top ten. Top three, even. :)

  6. Oh golly gosh I hated Sucker Punch, so much so that I couldn't summon the patience to watch the whole movie.

    1. Haha. I can see why some don't like it, but it really set my mind going. And that's what really puts a movie over the top for me. Even one as over the top as Sucker Punch.