Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's Create More Honest Phantom Menace 3D Posters!

Kinogallery is showing off some new The Phantom Menace 3D posters (check out more at their site) and they're pretty cool and effective EXCEPT the one thing that bothers me is that they mostly seem to focus around Darth Maul. Now, don't get me wrong, Darth Maul is a super badass, but if I'm remembering Phantom Menace correctly then he only appears in it for about three minutes, and those three minutes are some of the most serious in the film. So what about celebrating all the wacky fun crazy zaniness that happens in the other 2 1/2 hours of the film? Huh? What about that?

So I conscientiously fired up the ol' Photoshop and I made some new posters that far better reflect the actual  content of this wonderful wacky fun crazy zany sci-fi classic. Enjoy!

And there's a couple more after the jump, so be sure to check out the brand new posters as well as my honest interpretations!

I'm shocked that a character as beloved as Jar Jar Binks doesn't appear prominently in the actual marketing so here's another rectified version that you can print out and stick on your wall:

And finally there's the stylish character poster which somehow neglects to showcase most of the best and most cherished characters in the film! What a zany oversight! Luckily I'm here to pick up the slack with this alternate version you can tattoo on the expansive canvas that is your back. (click to enlarge and truly enjoy this one)...

Aah... Sweet Yaddle! How I would love to run my fingers through your luscious hair.

In the comments section tell me how much you're looking forward to The Phantom Menace 3D in a two thousand words or more! *

* In actuality I am genuinely, sincerely and unironically looking forward to this film!


  1. your tolerance for cruel and unusual punishment knows NO bounds, Milton!! :D

  2. My favourite is the middle one where it looks like Jar Jar is pole dancing. Totally cannon!

    1. Pole dancing... except the pole is made of a lightsaber blade, and Jar Jar just hit his head on it? That would be some awesome fan fiction.