Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Google Project glass

I am really liking this technology and I hate wearing any form of eye wear. I have perfect vision I don't need glasses, f**k protecting my eyes from the sun I can squint, pfft safety glasses I'll just duck! but give me terminator eye technology... I'm there!

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The first time I saw this sort tech was in a super brilliant anime called Dennou Coil  where they used the glasses to create a game world in the real world. Augmented reality sort of stuff where they would have virtual pets that they could only see with their glasses on. Really, really cool stuff and for some reason no trailers exist for the show. You can buy it from Siren Visual though with HUGE recommendations from me.

Of course with any tech like this there are the "It will scare the horses" haters and realists as I'm pretty sure auto mobiles did scare the horses. So as well as having this amazing video of how cool it would be we also have videos of what it could really be like

First up more monetisment (that's probably not a word)

This actually looks like something that may happen That you would have to buy the full version or pay a subscription to not have all those adds.

then there's the video of the initial getting used to the google glasses to hilarious results

Cannot multitask! Probably pretty true though

Oh and lastly this gem. A windows based operating version

Haha! I love that one.

So what are your thoughts? Are you into this? Think it's impractical like what you thought about the iPad? You know the one you said no one will buy but now you have all 3 versions of them and the shame of this keeps you up at night hmmmm?? hmmmmmm????

This is how I see you now

I'm already living in the future


  1. The pop-up ads spoof seems eerily prescient...

    A lot of this tech already successfully exists in phones, so I guess its whether people will like the glasses aspect of it (and whether its good for the eyes to be constantly focusing on and away from something less than inch from your eyeball). I'm curious how they will handle the hands-free interface too.