Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Bounty! Glorious Bounty Gets it Together!

It’s Tuesday and that can only mean a brand new, piping hot serving of sci-fi/humour webcomic series Glorious Bounty, drawn by the loving, rugged hands of Edward J. Grug III and written by me!

When we last saw the Glorious Bounty crew they were crushed and defeated in a filthy alley and Deevis was trying to convince Bruce that their temporary robot bodies were awesome and that they should abandon Funf and PK and join the robot circus. Bruce wasn’t so sure. Which one of these great minds will be victorious? Read on to see!

Click to embiggen or read it on the official site.

And if you haven’t read before then don’t be a dummy! You can start reading at Chapter One right here!

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