Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alternate Histories Classes Up Your Walls With Unspeakable Horrors!

My wife and I recently moved, and one thing we were able to do is build a library in one of the rooms. We had old-style shelves built, we have all sorts of old bookends and such around the fireplace. What really brings our room together, however, are the prints we got from the Alternate Histories shop on Etsy. This artist takes old-style historical pieces and adds different things to them, such as the Godzilla-like monster in Boston Harbor. They're equal parts awesome, hilarious, and subtle - every person we show them to tends to have the same reaction - overall "yeah, historical stuff," and then, when they notice the difference, surprised joy.

We bought three for our library, but I can honestly say there are many I'd like to have beyond what we have, including Nothing Shall Keep Us Apart and The Colombian Atomic Space-Craft. My college degree is in history, so all of these scratch so many of my itches. I love it.


  1. Such a simple concept, but done so well. These are awesome.

  2. We have the Boston Harbor one, Frankenstein in the war, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I really could find a place for all of them if I had the money and could sneak them past the wife.

  3. Great choices. I would get Krgyyx Threatening The World in a second, followed up by Frankenstein and the Washington DC map.

    We just have seriously limited wall space. Right now, most of my artwork isn't even on the walls, it's stacked on bookshelves... defeating the entire purpose. :(