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Stryder's Favourite Comics - 4/4/2012

Well April's in full swing...I'm expecting showers at ANY minute.  Perchance followed by flowers.  Or dead fish.  You can never tell.  April IS the cruellest month after all.  Hopefully not for comics, though!  Although all things considered, it hasn't started off all that well...the exception being Action Comics!!

Action Comics #8 - Jumping in right where we left off last month, Superman is trying on clothes in Braniac's ship (for true!).  Oh, by the way, the "Collector of Worlds" is finally just Braniac.  Thank Goodness!  Lois tries to pretend that she made up the name but it was mentioned last issue in a list of potential "collector of worlds" short-names.  Nice try, Lane...

Anyway, so Superman is fighting Braniac and that Corporal guy who's all brainwashed and stuck in a metal exoskeleton over the fate of Metropolis, which is still shrunk in a bottle on the shelf.  While he's doing this, his brand new suit of indestructible Kryptonian formal wear keeps changing colours and symbols and whatnot.  It's random and never explained, but strangely neat!  Oh we also learn that Braniac was not planning on destroying Earth.  Something's coming along behind him to do that!  Superman seems confident that he can cross that bridge when he comes to it...oddly enough I share that confidence!  Hmmm.

Oh strangely the art style of the comic changed immensely half-way through.  Everything becomes all super-detailed (no pun intended!) and painted.  I'm sure there's an explanation I could Google, but hey, it's cool.   It does fit well with the plot at the point of the change and perhaps that's why it was done, but it was still a little jarring.

Ooh!  There are lots of other surprises in this issue but it's also worth picking up just for being the first time in Action Comics that Superman flies!!  It's a moment worth viewing for yourself!

See the other, less exciting comics of the week after the JUMP!

Detective Comics #8 - Scarecrow makes his first appearance in Detective this month, to make Batman do his bidding in a race to stop Gotham from being over-run with fear gas.  Anyway, Scarecrow's not the one who plans to unleash the gas, and he wants to know who has the audacity to steal his gimmick!  Being the lazy villain that he is, rather than track down and obstruct this mystery assailant himself, Scarecrow figures why not let Batman do it?

Incidentally, Scarecrow looks quite cool this month!  Everybody looks great in Detective Comics anyway, as artist/writer Tony S. Daniel is awesome, but I particularly liked old Doc Crane.  Gotta give props to Chris Nolan and Batman Begins for taking a villain that I always thought was kind of a joke and making him wicked cool.  Kudos!

Oh, there's also a back-up story (the main story is pretty short...fill-in until next month's Owl tie-in) involving Two-Face.  It didn't really do much for me...more or less seemed to be foreshadowing for the eventual REAL appearance of Mr. Dent...

So basically this month's Detective was visually stunning and otherwise rather mundane.  Looking forward to next month's tie-in with the awesome Court of Owls story though!

Green Arrow #8 - After last month's fresh start, I had high hopes that the new creative team for Green Arrow would magically force me to like the guy.  Issue #7 only encouraged those dreams, as they introduced cool, sexy new villains and a new direction, with Oliver Queen becoming a missing person who may or may not be dead to the rest of the world, freeing Arrow to JUST be a crime-fighter and stop having to whine about how hard it is to be a rich, spoiled and pampered orphan boy.  Wait...could Green Arrow be Richie Rich all grown up?

Anyway, despite last month's promise, this issue did very little for my hopes and dreams.  I think I only like Green Arrow in cameo appearances or something....

Oh, so last month these hot triplets kidnapped and sort of tried to kill Ollie.  This month He has to meet the hot girls' dad.  Of course this implies beatings!  Luckily, one of the triplets at least is on his side...unluckily, two of them are not.  When all three are identical, it's LITERALLY difficult to tell who your allies are!  Mmmm...triplets.  Not to worry, I'm sure Oliver will be fine.  He'll somehow figure out a way to solve this conundrum with the amazing power of ARROWS!!!

So yeah.  Action Comics is cool!  So is what comes out NEXT Wednesday...Batgirl, Green Lantern and more!!!  See you then!

Oh yeah and if you want to see what else is going on in my life, as always check out Stryder's Dementia!  There be Ducks!

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