Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Batman Inc. DAMIAN as ROBIN Action Figure Review!!

Once again when I walked into the comic book store last week there was something more than just My Favourite Comics to be bought!  Since my review of the New 52 Batman figure went over so well, I bring you Damian Wayne as Robin the Boy Wonder!!

This figure was part of a Batman Incorporated line of 4 figures I wasn't even aware of!  Also available (but not purchased) were Batman Inc. Batman, Knight and Man-Of-Bats.  You can go to to check them out.  First though, check out my thoughts and some (much better!) pics AFTER the JUMP!!

"It's time for you to accept who and what I am.  A Wayne AND a Robin."
So Damian Wayne, for those who don't know, is not only the SON of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, but he's also the fourth and newest Robin!  He has only recently been introduced into Gotham's lore, having been hidden and raised from an infant by his mother and a group of Master Assassins!  Now he's been dumped on his father for reasons that only his mother understands...his motives may be suspect, but so far he seems to be sincerely trying to gain his father's approval!  Unfortunately, Batman isn't fond of killing and Damian's already killed 3 people that I'm aware of...He's trying NOT to, but old habits die hard I guess?
Batman and Robin, together again for the first time!
This figure of Damian was of course designed for Batman, Incorporated BEFORE the New 52 Reboot.  However, since his look barely changed at all, he works excellently with the New 52 Batman.  I love the way they look standing together.  Added bonus?  Batman's molded open hand can lightly grasp Damian's forearm, as if he's restraining Damian from rushing foolishly into battle without thinking.  Sweet!

"Let me get this straight.  You want to fight ME for HER?"
The figure itself has a great, cape, boots, logo...lots of detail and pretty much perfectly accurate to the comics!  Not only that, but unlike the Justice League Batman figure he actually gets accessories!  A GREAT Samurai Sword that he uses frequently in the comics, a BO-staff that he almost NEVER uses, and a crappy stand (I couldn't NOT mention the stand after harping on Batman for not having one, now could I?)!

Personally I would have preferred a couple of the red Batarangs that Damian often uses instead of the BO-Staff, which I associate more with Tim Drake's (Red) Robin, but hey, it's all good!

"I want him!"  "NO 'Long Halloween Batman', He's MINE!"
Articulation isn't too bad.  He's got a cut neck and wrists, ball-joint shoulders, and standard elbows, hips and knees.  I would have liked a ball-jointed neck better, and some cut joints at the ankles would have been nice, but still there are some nice poses available (as long as "crouching" or "looking up" aren't among the poses you're hoping for).

One minor issue...the wrists are thin and the hands are on teeny tiny little pegs.  Be careful!  The hands WILL come off and are hard to find in the couch cushions!

Super Friends?
Paint is nicely executed with good coverage and nice clean lines.  Even the laces on his boots are crisp with no bleed!  The did paint the belt wrong though.  This Robin's belt is almost always all gold...they've got it black with a bronze buckle.  I HAVE seen that combination of belt colours used in a few Batman and Robin comics, but in both Batman, Incorporated and the New 52 books, it's all gold just like papa Batman's Utility Belt.  A minor complaint, to be sure...

"Lego Lex Luthor!!  I needn't wait for Lego Batman II to be released to kick YOUR sorry robo-butt!"
Overall I love this figure.  I couldn't resist the impulse buy in the store and opening him up at home made me thrilled that I followed my instincts.  Batman and Robin and Batman, Incorporated are both great comics, but more than that, having this new twist on the iconic Dynamic Duo standing so nicely on my shelf makes my inner child very, very happy!  I just can't look at them without thinking "Na-na Na-na Na-na Na-na BATMAN!!!!"  Awesome.


  1. Nice review, I love the pictures. I haven't even heard about him either...

  2. Thanks for posting such awesome photographs!! I'm totally a Robin fan but not so much of a batman fan. That's why I'm a little disappointed as batman seems to always get the spotlight and that it's so much harder to find Robin mechandise as compared to Batman. Haha XD