Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Preview: Toy Star Wars Trade Federation MTT is Frigging Massive!

Our friends at Big Bad Toy Store have a new pre-order up today which caught my covetous (and wandering eye). Every year our bros at Hasbro release a new giant vehicle, usually about the size of a pony, that we're forced to inventively  squeeze into our already overflowing collections. And I'm glad they keep doing it because these things are usually pretty badass! The giant Millenium Falcon and AT-AT of recent years are some of my favourite Star Wars items I own.

This year's offering is from the Trade Federation MTT (Multi Troop Transport) from beloved, thought-provoking indie classic La Amenaza Fantasma, also known as The Phantom Menace. If the moniker "MTT" confuses you then basically it's the big brown thing that pops out a whole lot of battle droids. Seriously, this thing has a bigger rack than Christina Hendricks...
And breathe a little because every figure you see here actually comes with the vehicle, a rare time when Hasbro is really sticking it to that "action figures sold separately" fine print. You get 4 fully articulated pilot droids and then 16 semi-articulated droids (with built-in bases) that slot into that impressive, bountiful rack. You also get a rat-tail Obi Wan as a bonus, probably ripped from the unsold Episode One Obi Wans currently keeping the pegs warm.

This thing has lights and sounds, firing missiles and plenty of opening panels and hatches. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on one to see what it can actually do. And I'm going to solve the space problem by using it as a coffee table in the off-season. Now if only someone could score me one of those SDCC exclusive helicarriers...

You can pre-order this one right now from BBTS for $149.99 RIGHT HERE. And then anticipate a ridiculously big package in July!

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