Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Laird Barron's short fiction collection "The Imago Sequence"

Laird Barron is quickly becoming my new favorite weird/horror writer.

I read and reviewed The Croning last week and quickly went to seek out his earlier fiction. He has two short fiction collections and this one, The Imago Sequence was recommended to me first. The good news is that the collection falls mostly on the good side - the first story, "Old Virginia," was probably my favorite of the collection. The final story, "The Imago Sequence," is a Barron fan favorite and for good reason - it's nearly perfectly constructed and is just creepy enough.

While I didn't love everything ("Proboscis" in particular), that's going to be the case with any short story collection. He has one more, Occultation, that I'll be seeking out very quickly. Barron's a great writer that more people need to seek out. He's got a modern sensibility while being closer to Lovecraftian storytelling than anyone else I've read recently.

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