Monday, June 11, 2012

Flip The Table - A New Podcast About Cheesy Board Games

Yesterday, Chris Michaud (of the long running sketch comedy podcast The Abraham Lincoln Show) launched his new board game podcast, Flip the Table: The Podcast About The Other Side of Board Games. It's all about playing cheesy, weird and obscure board games, and then getting together as a group to dissect and discuss them.

As part of the big Flip The Table launch, they released the first 4 episodes at once. You could spend half of your workday getting caught up with these games... starting lightly with Transformers: The Adventure Game, and quickly diving down into the horrors of the American Idol: Collectible Card Game (WHAT?), WWE: DVD Board Game, and Lingo: DVD Board Game.

One of the big highlights of the first episode is a story about quoting Optimus Prime in a job interview.

Looking at their want list, we can hopefully expect some of these in the near future: E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (it can't be as bad as the Atari game... right?) TV Scrabble (I can only imaging this being scrabble, but clunkier and harder to play), The ALF Game (anything ALF is solid gold), and Super Mario Bros: The Great Ladder Race (a Chutes and Ladders re-theme?).

Check out Flip the Table: The Podcast About The Other Side of Board Games!

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