Friday, June 15, 2012

"Super Dingo Vs the Pirates" Film Shows True Face of Australia.

As an Australian I have long battled ignorant misconceptions of folks from other countries (mostly American countries) (North American) that all Australians live in the bush, are unintelligible alcoholics, and are under constant threat of attack from dangerous animals, especially dingoes.

Well, I can't fight it any longer. I've been living a lie. It's time to share with you the truth...

Super Dingo is a brilliant (documentary?) series written and directed by the very funny Ethan Marrell and Paul Montague. And better yet this series is being made right here in Perth and it turns out that I actually know some of these maniacs, I just wasn't aware that this was how they were spending their spare time. And now I am jealous.

America may have a Hulk but we have a Super Dingo, so watch your back. We fight drunk and dirty!

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