Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Indie Game: The Movie Releases Today!

Our good friend Taylor from Boards and Beers returns with the following announcement and interview! Go Taylor go Taylor go!

"The past couple of years have been fantastic for independently made video games, seeing the release of titles like Super Meat Boy, Bastion, Braid, and most recently Fez. All of these projects have been developed by very small teams (like one or two people) with massive amounts of passion and vision to get these games made for the sole purpose of being shared and enjoyed by people like you and me.  This of course is no easy task to accomplish and usually goes unnoticed by anyone outside of the folks directly involved and their loved ones. Enter Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary focusing on the story of the developers behind these games and what it takes to get these games made. In true indie fashion, Indie Game: The Movie is just as DIY as its source material, itself being a successful Kickstarter project not once but twice to get made. A few months ago a buddy and me had the opportunity to see an advanced screening down in Boston. Needless to say it was fantastic. But as a surprise, the directors of the film were present, and we were able to catch up with them afterwards and talk to them about their work and what inspires them to do good work. Oh, and got it on video:

Indie Game: The Movie releases today, and can be downloaded via their website, iTunes or Steam."

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