Monday, June 11, 2012

Burning Love: The Most Romantic Web Series That Will Ever Be

When we previewed Burning Love a month ago, it felt like it would be forever before we got to see firefighter Mark Orlando start to eliminate women one by one in the search for his soul mate... on a fake reality show hosted by Michael Ian Black.

Now, we're 4 episodes into the web series, with another coming out on Thursday and I'm already attached to some of the contestants. As scripted as it may be, you'll still feel for the ladies as they are booted off when Mark decides not to give them his golden hose. 

The show is short format (only 8-9 minutes per episode) with a rapid release schedule. There are new episodes every Monday and Thursday, so you are always less than 4 days from your Mark Orlando fix. We're seeing this format of video more and more, and it's great. Long enough to suck you in, and short enough to leave you wanting more. 

Here are the first 4 episodes of Burning Love. Lots of great guest appearances!

Click through the jump for episodes 2, 3 and 4.

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