Wednesday, July 11, 2012

D-Day Dice Is Finally Here!! Mega Unboxing Photos!!!

At the time, it was the biggest thing ever.. D-Day Dice ended it's massive Kickstarter campaign at $171,805, almost doubling the previous record holder as the most funded Kickstarter board game. The record has been shattered a few times now by games like Steve Jackson's Ogre, and Zombicide, but today everything changes. Today I received my copy of D-Day Dice and it's bigger than ever. 

This is the game that changed Kickstarter. If you missed out, or if you're still waiting for your copy to arrive, just click through the jump for photos of everything the you get at the "Officer Level". There is a lot. Three full game boxes loaded with dice, boards, tokens and much more. Check it out!

My name in the rules!

And here is everything together:

After opening all of that, I can only say that I am REALLY excited to dive in. It's a lot to take in all at once, and started (or actually, improved upon) a great business model for fans who want everything.