Monday, July 9, 2012

Pre-Order Giant World-Devouring Galactus Maquette! Plus Life-Size Jango Fett!

In the countdown to Comic Con, our BFFs at Sideshow continue to reveal a ton of breathtakingly beautiful high-end product. Yes, Sideshow. You take my breath away. Just like that song.

This time feast your eyes on Jack the King Kirby's mighty, infeasibly-helmeted, planet-devouring tyrant Galactus, presented here as a whopping 33 inch maquette. Yes, that's nearly 3 feet tall! About the same as Tom Cruise:

I'm a huge Kirby fan and Galactus is one of my favourite Marvel designs ever! I love the audacity of a guy in a giant purple helmet. Galactus doesn't give a damn. He's hungry. And we can all relate to that.

You can pre-order this bad boy right here: Marvel (R) Collectibles Galactus Maquette and join me after the jump for more images plus a severed bounty hunter!

Did you notice that Galactus also has interchangeable faces? One which is a steely, "I'm about to eat your planet and am unmoved by your pathetic pleas." And one that is, "I ate your planet too quickly and am now suffering some wicked cramps."

You can swap out that tiny Silver Surfer too. If Nova is your preferred herald then no sweat, just pop her in there...

Now let's have a quiet hush while we gaze at all this intricate Kirby craziness:

And there he is! 33 inches of globe-chomping madness. Who doesn't need this in their life? Galactus is easily in my top ten Marvel characters I would like to own a huge statue of.

But wait! There's more! I also promised a life size Daddy Fett. Check this out:

Okay I kind of lied because it's actually a Jango Fett life-size bust, but considering that Mace carved his head off anyway it's still a pretty accurate description depending on your perspective.

Looking at that image I'm actually pretty struck by how slick the design is. I know that there's a lot of prequel angst, but I hope that at some time in the not-too-distant-future we'll be able to look at them with fresh eyes and appreciate all the things that they did do right. When I was a kid I loved the original trilogy but then I did grow out of it and think it was silly. It was only as a young adult during the theatrical re-releases of the special editions where I was, "Oh yeah! Star Wars! I remember this! Oh man this stuff is awesome! Look at that frigging Hammerhead go!" I wonder if we'll be able to enjoy the silliness of the prequels later as well.

But I digress. Look at this stuff!

And if you're willing to give a home to this wounded warrior then you can pre-order him right here: Star Wars Collectibles Jango Fett Life-Size Bust

Thanks, Sideshow!

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