Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's Relax and be Cultured for a Minute and Enjoy a Woodcut of Colonel Sanders.

It's not always news break-neck news about blockbusting Batmen and Spidermangs. Sometimes it's nice to sit back, be civilised and enjoy some good-old fashioned art. Sometimes it's all about a wood-cut of a fast food icon.

We were contacted by Loren, a wood-cut artist in Hollywood who must have stumbled across my thoughtful, incredibly factual reminisce on the late, great Colonel Sanders as part of our hard-hitting Movember coverage and assumed I was a fan of the San-Man. Loren... You assumed right! Here's the great man himself, via a carved piece of wood!

You'll find a far more factually accurate history of the man at Loren's blog Woodcutting Fool beginning with these immortal words:
"Though his karma is stained with the blood of generations of innocent poultry, Colonel Harland Sanders is an American legend. He may look like a beady-eyed, mint-julep swilling racist, but his story is quite inspirational."
You'll also find woodcuts of other legends like David Lynch, Gary Busey, and Steve Buscemi.

Thank you, Loren! Now we are cultured!

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