Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pre-Order Premium Format Batman Plus a Whole Lot Moar Batmangs!

Now that I'm really paying attention, it's astounding how many awesome products are announced just above every day! I'm going to blame it on the fact that Comic Con is just about to start, but I'm certainly not complaining. While there's plenty of cool new stuff to see let's ride that wave!

Both our friends at Sideshow and our friends at Big Bad Toy Store have intriguing stuff available for pre-order today and it all centres around a Batman/DC Comics theme. If the other day's Premium Format Poison Ivy made you feel funny (in a good way) then you should be equally impressed with today's 2 foot plus Premium Format Batman!

He has two swappable heads, both of which look suitably unhappy, and he's has that classic comic look in case you're growing tired of all the movie stuff. It's a must have for unhinged playboy billionaires or anyone who has dangled someone off a balcony by their ankles. He is available for pre-order here: 
DC Comics Collectibles Batman Premium Format Figure - EXCLUSIVE
(Yes that's the exclusive version. You want to try for that first before it sells out!).

More pictures after the jump plus a full set of New 52 Justice League figures! Holy smokes!

But first more brooding Batman. Wow, what a sourpuss! Annie was an orphan too, Bruce, and she sang all the time!

If you light this thing right in your display it is going to look killer. And scare the shit out of would-be burglars...

And this is what a Premium Format Batman collection is going to look like...

Pretty great, right? I wonder what's next? If they can make Robin look badass then I'll eat a tennis shoe.

Okay, now to Big Bad Toy Store who have a whole bunch of new DC Direct product up for grabs! The most impressive of which is this seven figure Justice League set featuring their costumes from last year's New 52 launch. You know, the one where even Aquaman was kind of awesome. (For an issue or two).
I know there was a ton of interest when Stryder posted his review for the New 52 Batman, so I imagine this set will sell like sexy hotcakes. And better still, this is actually a charity set. 10% of the proceeds are going to help out the less fortunate in Africa so this is a totally guilt-free over-consuming Western World purchase. You can pre-order the We Can Be Heroes - Justice League 7-Pack right here.

And now the newest reveal from the brilliant Batman Black and White statue series (and I know at least one person who feverishly collects though). This time it's the futuristic teenage Batman Beyond statue designed by Dustin Nguyen:

If you haven't seen this future Batman animated series then shame on you, and if you have then you'll probably want to pre-order Batman Black And White Batman Beyond Statue right here!

Okay this one isn't Batman but it's DC badass Darkseid. He was designed by Kirby right? I could look that up but who has time! Anyway this is a massive, deluxe version of him and he's pretty rad:

You could curl up and sleep in one of those giant boots! If you want them on your nightstand pre-order Darkseid here. 

And finally here's the Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan 10.5" Statue...

This one splits me in two because I love Watchmen and I love the designs but I am so underwhelmed by the cynical Before Watchmen. So I'm glad we have this cool merchandise, I just wish we could have got it another way. Hopefully 10% of the proceeds will go to support the creatures living in Alan Moore's beard. No one will judge you if you pre-order him here

Actually and that isn't even half of the new DC stuff BBTS has on offer today. CLICK HERE to see the full list!

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