Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Battlestar Galactica x Portlandia

Yep... we've all been there.  I think I watched the first season in one sitting in front of my computer haha. I watched up to the last few episodes but before I finished the series I introduced my partner to it and started again. I think we used to watch up to 4 eps a night after work. We would come home, cook dinner, have a shower then sit down on the couch to eat and watch BSG. I always wondered if the neighbours would get sick of hearing the intro "DUM DUM DUM DUM BRRR BRAHHHH" at 1 o'clock at night.

Oh and the hole left inside people when they finish the series! It's funny every now and then someone gets around to watching the show and you see their facebook status update to "I'm having Battlestar Galatica withdrawals are there any more eps?" and all you can reply is "Well there's Caprica... but it's not the same" 

I'm not sure what Portlandia is about though but this was a pretty good sketch


  1. Is 'Blood & Iron' any closer to actually happening do you know?

  2. Oh yeah I keep forgetting about this one. From a little googling, it's called Blood and Chrome and it seems it has been filmed but the 3d effects haven't been done yet and after a screening to the syfy guys they're wondering if they will not do a tv series/pilot and just make it a web series. This would be a little disappointing but they did get a bit burned by Caprica which really only hit it's "just as good as Battlestar Galaticia" stride in the last few eps