Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prometheus Trailer Revealed!

In a sea of teasers for next year, the newest big fish is the trailer to Sir Ridley Scott's "It's an Alien prequel" "No it's not an Alien prequel", "Well, it's kind of an Alien prequel", "But not really", "But it is", "Well, there's a Space Jockey in it", "Uh.... ", "May or may not contain actual Aliens" movie Prometheus!

Wow. Not since the Inception trailer have I heard such an effective use of BRRRRRAAAAM! BRRRRRAAAAM!! BRAAAAAAAM!!! BRAAAAAAM! Personally, I'd be pretty satisfied if that sound went all the way through the movie. Maybe Fassbender could be an android who can only communicate by shouting BRRAAAAAM! BRAAAAAAAM!!! BRAAAAAAM! a couple of inches away from people's faces.

Got to say though, it does have a really nice, vintage, hard sci-fi look and feel to it. I'm excited about this one. 2012 is shaping up to be huge. 

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  1. oh they doubled down on the sounds they didnt just have the inception brammms they also had the psycho weeeeeps

    The art direction is so fuggin good in this