Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friends: Naki of Monster Island

A 5 minute clip of a new 3d animation from Japan

"In a country strangely similar to Japan, there is an island floating on the middle of a lake. It is said that monsters have been living there from the ancient time so that people feared the island calling it "the Monster Island." But in reality, the monsters living there are sweet and are in fact living their lives fearing the humans. 

One day, a human child named Kotake wanders off into the island. Surprisingly, Naki, a red ogre who is difficult to please and therefore unpopular among others, ends up taking care of him. Naki hates other ogres as well as humans, and has been living a lonely life, but starts living together with his only friend Gunjo, who is a blue ogre, and the human child Kotake. Through the life with Gunjo and Kotake, Naki gradually opens up his heart and gets to know the meaning of tenderness. However, the merry living together doesn't last long. Since Kotake comes to miss his parents, Naki sends him back to his village. But when the villagers see Naki, they beat him off, and Naki is stripped away from Kotake. 

Naki gets depressed after losing Kotake. Seeing his discouraged friend, Gunjo makes up his mind to do a certain thing, which separates Gunjo and Naki forever."

This is a different sort of film from Japan. There's only been a small handful of 3d kids cartoons that have been produced that I know of (Yona Yona Penguin being one of them that I want to see). They can defiantly compete with the pixars and the dreamworks on a creative/imagination level. It's so great seeing the Japanese styled monsters and some other nice touches with the background design.

The film is being directed by Takashi Yamazaki and Ryuichi Yagi. Takashi Yamazaki directed the latest live action version of Space battleship Yamoto which wasn't that great. The acting and emotional scenes were so over the top that it almost felt like a parody of the old cartoon mashed together with scenes and styling stolen from the Battlestar Galatica remake. Hopefully this film is played a little less dramatic than Yamoto and the acting isn't as forced. It will be interesting to see if this film gets internationally distributed.

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