Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lego Knows What Girls Like...

Forget the recent announcement of Lego landing Lord of the Rings! Those ingenious Danish creative building bastards have just announced a new series of sets aimed point-blank at one of nature's most alluring and baffling mysteries.... girls!

Friends, meet Lego Friends...

Girls like science and Wall-E. Great film, but falls apart at towards the end.
With a generous spattering of girl-approved pink bricks, Lego introduces friends such as Mia, Stephanie and that bitch Olivia, all of which utilise the new Lego "mini-doll" figure. My prayers have been answered! A Lego minifig with tits. 

But what's of second most interest to me is that these sets all focus on real world environs and activities, preparing young women for the practical, unavoidable drudgery of real-life. Whereas sets aimed at boys are outrageous, violent, escapist fantasies which prepare them for the blissfully ignorant pleasures of avoiding real life! 

So tell me, Girls! Has Lego hit the nail on the head? And then manicured those nails in a buildable salon? IS THIS WHAT GIRLS WANT?

(I read about all this right here! And by the way, if you don't think Lego is Danish and awesome enough, the CEO of the Lego group is called Jørgen Vig Knudstorp. Respect!)


  1. It looks like they based it off a kitchen and then went "add more science"

  2. Is she wearing thongs in a lab...?

  3. So, so disappointed!! They don't even look like they are compatible with standard LEGO sets.

  4. I believe they are compatible. And just a little taller than a regular minifig. And more shapely!

  5. I wonder if that hair piece is compatible with minifigures? It's hard to tell. Either way, I'll buy some of these.

  6. If that hairpeice is minifig compatible, you could make some rocking awesome hairmetal dudes.

  7. Um... girls have always played with Lego. This is stupid.