Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Days of Arbor Christmas - Day 7: Playing Christmas by The Classic Brown

For the past 12 years, musicians from South Jersey, Philadelphia, and beyond.. have gathered to record a compilation album and live play called the Arbor Christmas Show. It's inspired by "the old Christmas TV specials that had the celebrity host "at home" and all of their celebrity friends would stop by and hang out and maybe perform a song." The songs have been amazing year after year, so I wanted to share my top 12. But feel free to explore for yourself! All of the compilations are available for downloaded/stream at http://www.arborchristmas.com.
Day 7: Playing Christmas by The Classic Brown

The Classic Brown's songs have been better and better each year (this year it was REALLY awesome) but this will always be a favorite of mine.

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