Monday, December 19, 2011

Kickstart the Week: Gift Couture: Premium Wrapping Paper Sets by Sarah Fay & Justin Colt

It's too late for Christmas, but if you keep wrapping paper on hand all year round just for that time you need it... this will be great for next Christmas! Or all of the birthdays in between.

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This is unique premium wrapping paper, designed to be part of a theme. The theme right now is CHEESEBURGER. There is no better theme. I want to wrap every gift for my vegetarian brother in the meat paper. It's so perfectly greasy!
From the creators: We created this project to launch Gift Couture, a creative and innovative wrapping paper company. Gift Couture will offer high-quality wrapping paper sets that feature original photography and design. Our main goal is to produce unique papers that coordinate together into conceptualized themes and sets. This is exemplified in the Cheeseburger set that we chose to use as this initial project. This includes 5 different wrapping paper designs; a bun, hamburger, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, all of the components of a Cheeseburger!
You can get one individual roll of the wrapping paper for $5, or get all of them for $20. For $300 you'll get 10 sets of the full cheeseburger paper and have wrapping paper for life. For $1000 you can get your own custom paper added in. I'd probably add some other kind of meat, like fish or chicken. What would you add?

The goal is $7,900 and it's almost double that with $12,931 in funding. So you will get your cheeseburger wrapping paper if you pledge! And with 483 backers worldwide, you might be the only one in your family giving out gifts wrapped in meat and cheese.

Check out Gift Couture: Premium Wrapping Paper Sets on Kickstarter!

..and just a quick update on our previously featured Kickstart the Week projects.

The techy Portals are currently at 135% funded with $2,030 in pledges, and 6 days left to go.
The card game LangGuini is currently at 115% funded with $2,546 in pledges, and 28 days left to go.

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