Sunday, December 18, 2011

GFTROU: OvenBreak Infinity

Welcome back for another week of Games For the Rest of Us, the segment for people looking for a game to just keep them occupied during family Christmas dinner, not the whole of the Christmas holidays. This week we're looking at the appropriately festive OvenBreak Infinity from Devsisters Corp.

OvenBreak Infinity
Platform: iPhone/iPad (reviewed on iPhone)
Publisher: Devsisters
Genre: Action
Cost: $1.99

In OvenBreak you play as a little gingerbread fellow trying to avoid being eaten by ninja-ing your way out of the kitchen at a cracking pace. Using the 'jump' and 'slide' controls, you have to navigate him safely over and under obstacles on your way to the finish line (while collecting jellybeans, of course).

I wouldn't be so silly as to call this game easy, but it's certainly quite simple, and very very kid-friendly. When you lose a life, you're almost immediately re-started, and lost lives can be gained back by collecting the letters to spell out 'FREEDOM'. Of course, if you lose too many lives the game is over and you have to go all the way back to the start of the run.

The design is ADORABLE, the animation very fluid, and the gameplay extremely addictive. The quick restarts give you that constant feeling of 'Oh, alright, just one more go'. *an hour later* 'Whoops'. However, I downloaded this game while it was free for a limited time, and I must admit I was surprised to see its regular price was $1.99. It's definitely a game that's worth paying for, but I thought it would have been a $0.99c game (yes, I do feel ridiculous griping over $1, but anything over $0.99c in the App Store feels like a bit of an extravagant purchase).

I definitely recommend this one, even for $1.99. Adults may tire of it after a couple of levels in, but it's a great addition to your arsenal if you've got kids you need to keep entertained. 

I give it 3.5 candy canes out of 5

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