Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Spectacular: Day 3

Behold the door to Day 3, for it is a mighty door. A door to christmas! Can you handle what is behind door number 3?


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Ok so enough with the music, lets get to the meat...what do we have today?



Well, frankly I don't know...I can only assume its some sort of Tatooine kinetic art sculpture that crawls through the dessert to the amazement of all. Most folks write the Hutts off as ruthless killers and criminals, but they seldom look at their cultural and artistic side.

Oh, this was also in there

It looks like around day 3 someones decided that we are fully invested in this to start recieving advertisments to buy more products

On the flip side is a poster of the art on the inside of the box, but apparently this print they have matching walkie talkies to talk to eachother when they stand next to each other.



  1. WTF?

    I'm confused, but I keep wanting this more and more.

  2. I have a couple more realistic ideas as to what is happening, but I'm keeping them to myself and going for wild and outlandish

  3. From another blog I found:

    Jason B Says:

    Hey, I was confused on Today’s Star War’s offering as well. After I lot of surfing I discovered that it goes with yesterdays. That’s Nute Gunray’s Mechano Chair

  4. Thats what I'm currently thinking too, and his correllian hover board is now his Correllian mega blaster. Starting to think this is really just an epic battlebox

  5. You guys are Star Wars noobs. You don't recognize a mechanochair when you see one? Christ, I have six mechanochairs around my dining room table!

  6. To be fair, I thought all of the Lego brick designs in the advent calendar were mini scale. I thought it was kind of Battle Droid bullshit.