Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bad Dads “An Art Show Tribute To Wes Anderson”

This exhibit just closed last night (way to be on top of the news), but now everything is available for sale! Some of the bigger one of a kind pieces are already gone, but the prints are all still available, as well as some of the unique art. If I had $750, I would be placing an order right now on a Royal Tenenbaums painting set to go with my prop telephone from the film. (Disney had an awesome eBay auction as soon as the movie was released and I bought the yellow phone from Royal's makeshift hospital room for $200.)

Casey Weldon “Murray Time” 

As expected, the exhibit was very Life Aquatic heavy, with a good amount of Fantastic Mr. Fox and Royal Tenenbaums. There were a few Rushmore and Darjeeling Limited pieces, and only one representing Bottle Rocket. Although it isn't his most visually appealing film, it's the one that started it all and was missed greatly.

Steven Foundling "For Esteban!" 

For the whole collection visit Spoke-Art's website at For a small taste of it, click through the jump.

The entire collection is available to view (and many available to purchase) at

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  1. Man, there's a lot of cool pieces there. I'd love the Rushmore beekeeper one.