Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free Justice League Comic Book in Lucky Charms Cereal... Reviewed By A Four Year Old!

While my one year old twins are fighting over the marshmallows in our fresh new box of Lucky Charms, my four year old daughter went right for the free comic book and Batman face mask.

While she's really into pop culture (Star Wars, Muppets), I don't think I've ever read her a superhero comic. At 22 pages, this was surprisingly lengthy, especially considering a digital comic of that size costs more than the entire box of cereal. I bumbled a bit through the dialogue, (like when Green Lantern was being referred to as "GL") and I even confused myself when there were a bunch of heavy plot-resolving action scenes all squeezed into the last few panels, but she stuck with it until the very end.

So... what did she think?

"I liked Wonder Woman, but not the scary stuff."

There you have it, DC and General Mills....

More Wonder Woman and more marshmallows!

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