Friday, December 2, 2011

Most Memorable Presents: VHS MEGA-HAUL!

In the very early 1990's my Grandmother bought myself and my two brothers a TON of VHS tapes for Christmas. At the time, some of these movies weren't that easy to come across, but my Grandmother worked at the Pennsauken Mart... which was almost like an indoor flea market made up of full-time shops. Kind of like the dirt mall in Mallrats.

The Mart was the best. You could get pizza, soft pretzels, swords, guitars, belt buckles, action figures, magazines, lottery tickets, airbrushed artwork, lingerie, toy robots and pretty much everything else that is awesome. There was also a huge video store that had very movie ever (and then more movies).
My Grandmother tripled our whole VHS collection on that Christmas day. It's safe to say that this gift defined most of my youth.

Click through the jump to see the AWESOME movies we received!


  1. Spaced Invaders explains so much

  2. Owaoo! I have a collection of every VHS tapes those you have mentioned in above. VHS is dead. Long live DVD! No, wait, isn’t DVD also dying? Long live Blu-ray! No, wait. isn’t Blu-ray going to be obsolete in a few years? Long live digital distribution! VHS to DVD transfer