Monday, November 28, 2011

Movember: John Waters and the Pencil-Thin Moustache

Although small in size, the pencil-thin John Waters moustache packs a big punch. It has it's own Facebook profile, it's own Jimmy Buffet song, and it's even being copied by modern day mega-star, Justin Bieber.

If you want to look like Justin Bieber, here are some tips from Mr. Waters himself:
I shave it with a Bic razor or whatever kind of razor from the top every day. Use cuticle, nail cuticles to cut it on the bottom. And then if it’s a little gray or you miss a place you just sketch it in with Maybelline Velvet Black, which is my favorite. And I tried the expensive kind, the smear-proof kind, the waterproof kind, but they just don’t do it like Maybelline. And it has to be sharpened every time. And those little sharpeners break all the time, but I keep buying them and I have them in every place I live, in my car.  

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