Monday, April 30, 2012

Fighting Fantasy Books Turn 30

Back in the day when I was a wee lad, video games were a rarity. Toys and books and creativity were all the rage, and Choose Your Own Adventure books were the coolest thing ever to check out of your library. There were a lot of competition in the CYOA racket, but one particular champion rose to the top. Steve Jackson (UK) and Ian Livingston (co-creaters of Games Workshop) had taken the CYOA model and combined it with the unique character/adventurer commonly found in RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons and created Fighting Fantasy books. Now you the reader could play the character within the book and uniquely develop them to your liking. Collecting different items and rolling dice to determine the outcome. 59 of these books were written

30 years later, they are back in the form of iOS apps for your iPhone and iPads (well, 5 of them anyway). In celebration of them turning 30, Big Blue Bubble is selling them via iTunes for .99 cents each! So go buy them and tell us all about them!

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