Monday, April 30, 2012

Kickstart the Week: Ace of Spies by Sprocket Games

Who doesn't love a good spy game?

Ace of Spies is a card game of set collecting and sneakiness that comes from the minds of two first time designers, Michael Fox and Mark Rivera with playtesting and development by industry legend Richard Borg. Players take on the roles of spymasters, tasked with taking on missions and gathering the resources needed to complete them. The more complex a mission, the more specific your required resources will be – but it’ll also be so much more valuable!
What's interesting about Ace of Spies is that in theme of game, the Kickstarter video says very little about the actual game, and the very fun twitter feed (!/Ace_of_Spies) is also eeking out information of the game in little tiny secret tidbits at a time. It's the complete opposite of the suggested approach to give everyone the information they need, and not to make people search for it.. but Ace of Spies seems to be doing just well. They're at 29% of their $40,000 goal, with 42 days to go.

I did some of my own spy work and uncovered a gameplay demo video:

More interesting facts about the game: Ace of Spies was co-designed by Michael Fox, host of the brilliant gaming podcast, The Little Metal Dog Show. Also, Sprocket Games is offering free shipping worldwide (crazy!), and you can get a copy of the game with artwork of yourself on both an Agent card and the box top (insane!). Both of these are very costly, but wonderful gestures.

Check out Ace of Spies on Kickstarter:

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