Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - Official Trailer #3

So this is new. 

What do you think?



    Looks cool. Bane sounds totally dubbed over now, like a Kung Fu flick.

  2. When I saw Batman in costume I immediately thought of the Batman funny or die videos. It looked cheap and goofy. I worry they haven't shot/blended/graded this film right. They've filmed it too crisp. This new tech must be a pain for film makers. I heard there's a similar problem with the Hobbit as feedback about the film being in 45fps is that it is revealing too much. It's showing the smoke, mirrors and wires.

    I do however really love Nolans films and what he has done with Batman so I will be there on opening night

    1. Wait...

      Batman was in this trailer!??

    2. yeah a few times. He walks into steam with redlight on his face. He talks up close doing his best not to move his lips. He sits on a motor bike and fires a science gun (I'd like to have a scene where him and Alfred have a conversation about what guns he can and cannot fire)