Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hockey Geekery

All of us here at Fruitless Pursuits love geeking out over nerdy stuff, but some of us also love geeking out over the traditionally less nerdy area of sports. A guy who shares our geek sports love is Dave from Dave's Geeky Hockey. What started as a few 'Hey wouldn't this be cool...' ideas has escalated into teaming up with custom jersey company Rinkgear to get some of these designs off the computer screen and onto the backs of fans. I myself have this bad boy on the way, and fittingly it should arrive just in time for ACTUAL winter:

 Jump below the cut for a look at a few more of Dave's kickass designs.

Each jersey is produced in a small run, which adds to the exclusivity of each design. Even better, they're sold at cost, which means they're super accessible as a collectible item. The international shipping is a little on the pricey side which left me procrastinating a bit before purchase, as if I was going to buy one I had to REALLY want it. I passed on the TARDIS and Browncoat designs before picking the Direwolf. Such a classic design.

Some of the jerseys on the site will likely never be produced due to copyright infringement issues, but it's still really awesome to see the creativity applied to the designs. The recent Voltron design was picked up as an official merchandise item for the show, so there's always hope other companies will see the benefit in collaborating instead of sending Cease & Desist letters.

Here are some of my other favourite designs from the site. Be sure to check out Dave's Geeky Hockey for yourself, there's seriously something for everyone on there!

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