Friday, May 4, 2012

The Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer!

What better way to put a cap on Star Wars Day than showing this brief but intriguing trailer for The Clone Wars Season Five? If you've been enjoying the show as much as I have lately then this will surely whet your appetite. Clone Wars is the best Star Wars we've had in a very long time and if you've never taken the plunge I would stop to check it out. It's on the official Star Wars site in beautiful quality. And on youtube in sub-par quality.

Darth Maul's voice actor, Sam Witwer, has said many times in interviews that we've only just scratched the surface with the freshly returned Darth Maul and that large things are in store for his character. The fact that they're showing footage of him so early gives me hope that he'll appear far earlier in the series this time. And it's always good to see John Favreau's Mandalorian leader Pre Visla return.

Plus, I think it's super cute how American's call Autumn "Fall" because the leaves fall off the trees! I vote we call summer "Melt" because ice creams melt! Awwwww!

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